Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Workers Compensation and Stress

Are you stressed out? Join the club. Nobody is immune to stress but some occupations are more prone to stress.

Stress detrimentally affects your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

So what jobs are the most stressful?

Jobs managing people

Jobs assisting people like customer service and computer support

Jobs that require sales and commissions to succeed like mortgage brokers and real estate agents

Jobs that manage money like stockbrokers (especially in this crummy economy)

Jobs like bus drivers and air traffic controllers

How does your job rank for stress?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Death in the Workplace: Are You at Risk?

Are you at risk for dying at work?

It's a shocking concept but -- yes -- it does happen.

People go to work for many reasons but none of them are related to dying.

What kinds of jobs lead to workplace injury?

The leading cause of death at work deals with vehicles and transportation incidents. Vehicles (cars and trucks) are very prevalent so that makes sense.

Heavy machinery is the second leading cause for death in the workplace.

But the third cause is shocking! Find out what it is. Find out how your job ranks for dying in the workplace. Find out what you can do about filing a workers compensation claim or a wrongful death claim.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Workers Compensation and Lung Disease

You gotta breathe. Unfortunately, some jobs are more toxic than others.

Breathing toxic chemicals, fumes, and dust particles may cause life long lung diseases that are without cures.

Mining and manufacturing and agriculture (pesticides) and the construction/building industry all raise health concerns regarding toxicity and lung disease. Ongoing chemicals used for car repair, painting, and other crafts and or service jobs may cause cancer.

Asbestos has been a not so silent killer of thousands of men and women who made certain building materials especially insulation and linoleum. Thousands of asbestos lawsuits have been filed and large claims paid. An entire generation of people didn't know they were suffering from an asbestos related lung disease called mesothelioma -- until it was too late.

Have you or a loved one acquired a lung disease from your job?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Workers Compensation: Are You at Risk?

What kinds of jobs have the most workers compensation claims?

Construction workers? Police officers? Meter readers? Ambulance drivers? Truck drivers? Computer data entry personnel? UPS workers? Bank managers? Meat packers? Auto makers?
Roofers? Gardeners? Nurses? Teachers? Coaches? Janitors? Car sales? Cab drivers? Wait staff?
Veterinarian techs? Social workers? TV anchors? Graphic designers? Sous chefs? Car mechanics? Chemists? Miners? Newspaper reporters? Pilots? Postal workers? Farm hands? Grocery stockers?

You will just have to find out...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Workers Comp and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, CTS

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome might not be as serious as falling from a scaffold or breathing toxic fumes but carpal tunnel sydrome (also known as CTS) can affect your earning power and quality of life.

People who do repetitive movements or spend their days on a keyboard are the most affected by CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a certain nerve in the arm is compressed at the wrist.

Administrative support and computer data entry and certain repetitive factory or line work are the most affected by carpal tunnel.

Have you or someone you know been negatively impacted by CTS? Consider learning more and receiving a no-cost to you consultation with a New Jersey or Pennsyvania lawyer. Never trust your employer to do its best for you regarding workers compensation.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Workers Compensation and Hepatitis B

Did you know that you can contract hepatitis B from your job?

Employees and contractors most at risk are people who work within the healthcare industry in a hospital or medical setting and EMTs.

How does hepatitis B occur?

Healthcare workers may come in contact with infected people's blood or body waste such as touching a needle prick or blood spurting or explosive bodily fluids.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, don't push it to the back of your mind. Be proactive and find out what you can do about getting workers comp for hepatitis B.