Sunday, June 28, 2009

Workers Comp: Please Don't Take My Wheelchair

A W. Va. nursing home employee injured her back permanently in 1990 while trying to lift an elderly patient. She soon began collecting workers compensation benefits, including medications and use of a wheelchair.

But the new management of the Workers Compensation Fund took away her wheelchair.

Then they gave it back -- but only for 30 days.

The 59 year old woman still has problems standing and walking and says her permanent back injuries also cause circulation problems in her legs.

The new workers comp management fund is also going to take away her meds including painkillers.

It seems that people who filed disability claims prior to July 1, 2005 are covered by the old fund and claims filed after July 1, 2005 are covered by the new fund.

What happens to those old filers who still need the help?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Workers Comp Confusion in W. Va.

Workers compensation confusion in W. Va.

W. Va used to have a state wide workers comp system but no more. Now 70 different companies are part of the pie.

Do you know which workers comp. pie you're in?

If you get injured at work and need medical attention, medical personnel will ask the name and address of your workers comp provider. If you don't know, your medical care can be held up for one to two weeks.

What's the solution?

Ask your HR department who handles your workers comp and carry the information in your wallet.

That's the last thing that you need when you're injured -- the inability to receive medical attention.