Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pa. Firefighters & Workers Compensation Cancer Benefits

A state House bill that would fund cancer treatment for firefighters is raising concerns for some local officials.

Pennsylvania House Bill 1231 a.k.a. the cancer presumption bill would require municipalities to provide firefighters with workers' compensation coverage if they contracted cancer in the line of duty.

While everyone thinks it's the right thing to do, nobody wants to fund it because nobody knows what the costs will be.

The amended bill gives firefighters six years after the last date of active duty to file a cancer presumption claim. The original bill, passed by the House, had no time limits for filing claims.

33 other states have similar bills.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer in the Workplace & Workers Comp Settlements

God in the Workplace & Workers Comp Settlements

While racial discrimination on the job is fairly common (but not right); how common is religious discrimination?

Three employees who said they got fired because they protested their boss pushing her beliefs on them will receive a total of $70,000 in a workers compensation claim. Amen. The three accused their boss of wrongful discharge, religious discrimination and harassment, retaliation and age discrimination.

The boss gets to keep her six-figure job for now.